Why hot-pressing machine is needed for Egg Tray Machine?

After drying, we can not make sure that all kinds of egg trays and pulp mould products produced by egg tray machine have the standard size. Therefore, we can use hot press machine to get standard size egg trays. Through pressing, we can promote the toughness and get beautiful look of the egg trays. And also, we can guarantee that the size of egg trays can not be changed easily.
Pressing egg trays is not necessary for customers. The precise mould can guarantee egg trays quality. However, if you want to get higher quality egg trays, hot press machine can help you a lot.
If you want to press egg trays, you should choose professional hot press machine. The temperature of hot press process should reach 200. According to the type and strength requirements of finished products, you can set thermal pressure. Commonly, the thermal pressure is 2-5MPa. The mould of hot press can be disassembled. So, it is easy for use.
Hot press machine of our factory has superior quality than that of other factory. If you want to know more about it, welcome to contact us.

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