What kind of material we can use as the raw material?

Any kind of waste paper like old newspaper,magazines,books,A4 paper, corrugated cartons, paperboard etc.

What kind of Fuel can be used for the whole production line?

Coal, natural gas, and diesel oil.

What kind of products can be made by this machine?

All paper package such as paper egg tray, egg carton,egg box, fruit tray, bottle tray, cup tray, consumer product package, medical disposable container etc.

Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

Yes, we are manufacturer. And our company has been fabricating pulp molding machine since 2000. We are one of the most important pulp molding machine manufacturer in the world, and we are famous pulp molding machine and egg tray machine manufacturer in China, providing high quality and production capacity pulp molding machinery at reasonable prices to the world.

What capacity egg tray machine can you supply?

At the moment, we can supply 350 pcs/h, 700pcs/h, 1000 pcs/h, 1300 pcs/h, 1800 pcs/h, 2000 pcs/h, 2500pcs/h, 3000pcs/h capacity egg tray machine.

What is Semi Automatic type ?

If only order the pulping system and the forming system, that’s Semi Automatic type egg tray machine.

What is Fully Automatic type ?

The Fully Automatic egg tray production line includes the Drying system and the whole procedure of egg tray making can be done Automatically .

Of course, the price and the required work space would have big difference from the semi-automatic type.


Our machines use UK Technic and part of the components are Germany-made (ex: Ball valve) .
Our machine is made by Tooling NOT by Welding , insuring a minimum of 10 years’ lifespan .
The Egg tray molds material is Aluminum which can keep the fixed shape much better than that made of rubber material.
99.9% of Success rate: Even if there is a failed egg tray , just throw it back to Pulping area and it can be re-used avoiding waste ;
Our machine has been sold to worldwide for over 10 years with continued re-order by some customers with their business grow .
Some spare parts are made by famous company in Germany



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